CRC is an industry leader in commercial real estate financing and debt restructuring.  We incorporate comprehensive market knowledge with capital relationships to meet any loan request. With access to an extensive network of lending sources, we offer guidance towards the appropriate lender and negotiate the most competitive terms. Through our dedication to each property, our attention to detail and our proactive transaction management, we provide reliable execution that is unparalleled in today’s capital market.

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Hot Topic - Debt Restructuring

"...with the increasing percentage of outstanding CMBS loans entering default status each month, we believe that the servicers will be more motivated in the coming months to work with borrowers..."


Recent Transactions

> $12,237,500 Loan in Los Angeles, CA
> $9,750,000 Loan in Culver City, CA
> $1,750,000 Loan in Los Angeles, CA

> $17,700,000 Loan in Los Angeles, CA
> $11,200,000 Loan in Venice, CA
> $3,417,000 Loan Denver, CO


Market Rates

Rate Type Rate
Prime Rate4.500%
11th District COFI0.777%