Rate Type Date Rate
Prime Rate3/8/20184.500%
11th District COFI3/8/20180.777%

Type Today Yesterday 1 Week Ago 1 Month Ago

US Treasuries

Type Today Yesterday 1 Week Ago 1 Month Ago
1 Month0.023%0.020%0.050%0.040%
3 Month0.028%0.040%0.050%0.050%
6 Month0.061%0.060%0.070%0.080%
1 Year0.119%0.130%0.120%0.120%
2 Year0.458%0.440%0.450%0.330%
3 Year0.920%0.910%0.890%0.690%
5 Year1.788%1.740%1.700%1.510%
7 Year2.379%2.320%2.270%2.130%
10 Year2.802%2.770%2.710%2.660%
20 Year3.425%3.350%3.290%3.310%
30 Year3.645%3.600%3.550%3.590%

Swap Spreads

Type Today Yesterday 1 Week Ago 1 Month Ago
1 Year15.4 bp14.1 bp16.0 bp15.0 bp
2 Year11.1 bp11.3 bp11.0 bp13.0 bp
3 Year11.7 bp9.7 bp11.0 bp14.0 bp
5 Year8.5 bp8.8 bp10.0 bp13.0 bp
7 Year5.5 bp7.5 bp8.0 bp11.0 bp
10 Year12.0 bp12.0 bp13.0 bp14.0 bp
30 Year-1.5 bp-0.8 bp0.0 bp1.0 bp

US Treasuries + Swap Spreads

Type Today Yesterday 1 Week Ago 1 Month Ago
1 Year0.273%0.271%0.280%0.270%
2 Year0.569%0.553%0.560%0.460%
3 Year1.037%1.007%1.000%0.830%
4 Year1.489%1.450%1.430%1.250%
5 Year1.873%1.828%1.800%1.640%
7 Year2.434%2.395%2.350%2.240%
10 Year2.922%2.890%2.840%2.800%
30 Year3.630%3.592%3.550%3.600%

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